Our Mission

IT- Haus is dedicated to the provision of internet, and network support solutions to enable high information penetration into and dissemination from the entire population.

Company Profile

IT - Haus is an international research and consulting firm specializing in consulting for companies and institutions which are involved in internet related businesses. We provide a wide range of solutions and services, ranging from project startup to management, maintenance and enterprise solutions. We currently deploy world-class enterprise solutions, which are geared towards great cost savings and efficient performance of businesses.

IT- Haus's services and solutions consistently surpass client expectations in all regards.  In the words of some of our clients, they never expected to get this quality of service, this side of the Globe.

In today's world, timely service is the key to business. At the same time, if cost is not competitive, businesses cannot be sustained . Our methodology ensures that we give timely services at very competitive prices. We maintain round the clock support operations for all our clients, and are constantly improving our services to ensure efficiency. If given a chance, we will prove how our services can benefit you in all respects.

IT - Haus is a consultancy outfit, made up of highly experienced personnel who make it their business to setup and maintain her varied clientele. IT - Haus has been in existence since 1998, and during our course of existence we have gathered vast quantities of knowledge and experience and this puts us in a better position to effectively serve our present-day and future clients.

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